Openly asked recently 

“Any tips that anyone can share for having a successful career-oriented convention attendance?“

Yes …

 1) Have business cards ready (I like to carry a few in my shirt pocket)
2) Carry a pen (e.g. a cheap hotel pen, that you can live without… never lend a good pen to anyone!)
3) Practice your 30 second elevator speech for when asked “Who are you?/What do you do?”
4) Have a memorable article of clothing (e.g. a cool tie or shirt)
5) Get a haircut/update self grooming habits
6) Mints in your pocket (not gum!)
7) Know a good local restaurant, bar and a decent coffee shop nearby
8) Remember to hydrate. Talking will dry you out. 
9) Have a simple joke or funny story ready for when times need an ice breaker

10) Carry a few copies of a resume, but only if it’s a potential hiring opportunity.