• Things are happening here
    Hello there, I'm Camstone. I'm a friendly, mischievous and curious red fox with a mustache - who explores new places, learning new things and meeting new friends. My favorite hobbies include digital photography, horseback riding, playing cards, making up Dad Jokes, hunting for tasty drink recipes & snacks, and practicing my scientific skills. I may be stealthy and difficult to find, but I have a big heart and a fierce loyalty to those I care about. So, what excitement do you have planned for today? For me, the website is just opening up... so expect more great things to see and do, but for now - feel free to look and poke around!
  • Click the link to see my commissioned artwork page! While I'm not a skilled artist, I still have a passion for having others create unique and captivating pieces of art of my original character - and watch them bring my ideas to life. I feel very privileged to obtain and share high-quality artwork, much of which exceeded my own expectations. I work closely with each piece's artist to ensure that the ideas and concepts are captured in the final product - and that we are both satisfied with them. From initial sketches to the finished piece, I appreciate every step of the process along the way. If you're an artist, feel free to reach out to me, I'm often interested in new artists just starting out.
  • What is a furry?
    I've recently added a Furry Basics page, that offers my views on the furry fandom's frequently asked questions! As a member of the furry community, I know those new to the fandom have many questions about what goes on and what happens in the fandom - and what I do in it. That's why I've put together this "Furry 101" basics of furry page to answer some of the most common questions that I hear about.
  • Fursuiting!
    As a long-time member of the furry community, I have a deep love & appreciation for wearing & performing in a fursuit. These colorful & expressive costumes allow wearers to bring a character to life in a way that is truly magical. Whether attending a furry convention, participating in a parade, or just spreading joy & positivity in my local community, fursuiting has become a part of my life. I'll also offer my own perspectives & advice on choosing a fursuit to keeping cool & comfortable during long events. But if you're already a seasoned fursuiter, I hope you will find some inspiration and encouragement herein- and share the smiles, just as I strive to.
  • Website Dedication
    This website is dedicated to all those who helped me along the way to realizing and helping me be better each day. Most importantly, to my father, whose avocation was being a stage magician - and instilled in me a deep desire to perform and see the joy of others smiling and laughing. We all have an amazing gift that we can offer each other without cost or hardship, it's called friendship. And I hope I can be a good friend to you and perhaps help you find a smile or answer a question you might have. And to all my closest friends, Smrgol, Kamau, The_Gneech & Laurie, LionKingCMSL, Commander Kitsune, Kiara Mooncat, and so many, many others in the furry community... thank you. Keep Being Awesome!
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