Who is Camstone?

Camstone Fox Reference Sheet

Just the Facts:

  • Subject: Camstone Fox
  • Age: Over 60, aka a Graymuzzle, or Greymuzzle, or Furry Geezer, "Boomer"
  • Gender: Male ; Height: 6’-1” ; Weight: 215 ; Ethnicity: White, Non-Hispanic 
  • Marital Status: Re-Married Widower, with 1 teenager
  • Description/Identifiable Markings: Red fox with handlebar mustache, often seen in a red business suit
  • Real Life Job Position: Scientist, Research Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, Manager, and amateur bartender
  • Interests: Horseback Riding, care & competing, digital photography, SCIENCE, Computers & networking, cooking and drink recipes, woodworking, and being a good Dad (Dad Jokes!) and husband.
  • Other Aliases: Rollie (after “Rollie Fingers” fame), “Doc”, Einstein
  • Location: Washington DC, USA metropolitan area
  • Political Alignment: "none" as they all suck, but the GOP turned into neo-Nazis.

Camstone Fox holding up a sign that says "The End"And yes - the terms Fox, Faux, Phaux, Phacques, Phox, Fayques & Fuchs are the same to me, as I have fauxed around, found out & just have no more faux to give - but I do give a fox, and I'm willing to bet I can outfox most furries.

Additional Boring Admissions

Hello -

I'm Camstone Fox and use he/him/vulpine/vermin pronouns. 

My furry avatar or "fursonae" is a classical anthropomorphic red fox with a handlebar mustache, and yes, I wear a fursuit. The red business suit and the Scottish Kilt are a part of my wardrobe, and I have many other outfits. My first furry convention was Anthrocon in 1999, and have been on convention staff and boards. You can find me at various conventions, furry meet ups, gatherings, and on travel. You can also reach out and chat with me online in the following ways -




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Camstone at Anthrocon 2006

I'm older than dirt (over 60), boring (heterosexual), a remarried widower with a teenage daughter, and originally from Pittsburgh, I am now living in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. 

We have a dog, a cat, and had two horses – but both horses have passed away recently.  I have ridden, owned, instructed, competed riding horses in 3-Day/Dressage & won on both coasts, trained, and managed large riding horse stables. So, I know my manure when I see it. 

I’m a 40 year tenured federal research scientist, working on rocket sciences and lasers (among other things) - in charge of issuing multiple research grants to universities. I travel extensively for work when it is possible. 


I have worked as a professional photographer, a draftsman, a computer scientist/operator/facility manager – having started with punch tape and programming on IBM punch cards and a PDP-11 and DEC VAX 11/780 running VMS. I had a PC/XT running IBM/DOS, a PC/AT, a 80386 (with Windows 1.0 and Windows 386) and a 80486. Now I run Linux (Mint, Ubuntu and Arch/unRAID), Windows 10 and MacOS. I am also am a foodie, a super-taster, and taken short classes at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia in Napa, California. My family heritage is Scottish, German and Dutch.

I’m fine if someone approaches me for a Direct Message, or would like to ask me a few questions, but understand - I will not speak to the press/news, I have no real interest in role-play (sexual explicit or otherwise) - unless you're into serious story telling, and I have a low tolerance for trolls, crypto-bros and scammers. If you are into debating politics, look elsewhere. I'm tolerant with tolerant people, but intolerance is not tolerated. Oh, and I loathe Nazis/Fascists.

Camstone in a horseback riding outfitInterests/Likes: “SCIENCE!”, Research, Equestrian riding (3-Day Eventing) & Horse Care, Fursuiting (wearing, performing, and making/repairs), Art (doing or commissioning), Artists (too many to name), Math, Digital and Film Photography, Graphics, “Being Dad”, Lasers, Cybertech(including Computers, Servers, Coding, Info Tech, home automation), Fine Woodworking, House Repairs, Anything Scottish (including kabers, haggis, single malts and kilts), Cooking, Family history/heritage, Architectural Drawing, Gardening, Bourbon, Red Wine (Pinot Noir, Cabs & Merlot).

What is in a name? A lot. So just where did "Camstone" Fox's name originate?

Camstone is actually two words, given at the character's creation date, back in September 1998. "Cam" and "Stone." The name literally came as part of the "Epiphany" of furry realization, and the overlap in characteristics related to a red fox.

a rotating cam and lifterThe first, "CAM" is a mechanical offset wheel that results in the translation of rotation, and the linear actuation of levers (movement) through rotation. This is both linked to mechanical engineering (the profession) and to the conceptual idea of "Change." For Camstone, change is often seen as a good thing. Be it change of venue (through travel) or through changing thought (imagination and innovation). Change for the sake of change isn't good, but when things become static, it's good to "change it up" and see what happens.

The second, "STONE", has more of an archane translation, being from the character creator's own name, Peter, as derived from Greek Petra and Petros, meaning stone or rock. The author also shares this as a part of his own understanding, being foundational - much as is taught in the Bible, in the book of Matthew 16:18. The author makes no claimancy to religious divination or the desire to convert others into Christianity, but freely testifies that he is a Christian, and that his family practices an the good values, and believes they were saved by Grace.

a Camus Stone in ScotlandThere is also a Scottish "Camstone" which is an abrogation of what is the "Camus Cross" and what became locally known as the "Camus Stone." An early medieval period Scottish standing stone cross, located on the Panmure Estate near Carnoustie is in Angus, Scotland. First recorded in the 15th century describing boundaries between "Camuston" and a nearby barony of Downie. It is a freestanding cross, which is rare in Eastern Scotland. The cross is thought to date from the tenth century, with folk stories suggesting the cross marked the burial site of Camus, leader of the Norse army purportedly defeated by King Malcolm II at the apocryphal Battle of Barry. The name of the stone is likely to derive from the extinct village of "Camuston" in southeast Scotland, which has a Celtic toponymy (a particular study of place's names).

The resulting "Camstone" links are therefore known in friend circles to the author's ancestry in Scotland and travel though out the United Kingdom. In Scotland, camstone is also a type of rock, slightly harder than chalk. Also, it is known as a grinding surface, that a cam is polished on. Thus the idea of finishing and refining changes and making curved surfaces smooth. More recently, it has often been found in the areas in England between Leicester and Cambridge. And there is also the Camstone Quarry in Edinburgh, Scotland, near Holyrood Park - which the author has to investigate on his next visit!

Here is a small fictional story to give some perspective into my character's attitude and demeanor...

Camstone's journey of self-discovery:

Camstone Fox was always a fox with a restless spirit. He loved the forest outside the urban landscapes where he grew up, but he always felt that there was more to life than just learning, studying the world, eating, and sleeping. One day, while exploring the internet, he stumbled upon a group of furries on a newsgroup called "Alt.Lifestyle.Furry" - who welcomed him with open arms. They were kind and accepting, and Camstone felt like he had finally found a place where he belonged.

As he spent more time with the furries, Camstone discovered a new side of himself. He was always a friendly, playful and curious, but now he realized that he was also a creative and expressive one. Inspired by the furries' love of art and performance, he began to experiment with different forms of self-expression.

With the help of his furry friends, Camstone designed a fursuit that perfectly captured his unique personality. He loved the way that it allowed him to express himself - that was both playful and meaningful. Whenever he put on his fursuit, he felt like he was stepping into an unrealized part of himself - in a world of infinite possibilities.

As he continued to explore his creativity, Camstone discovered a new passion for acting, presenting, and drawing. He loved the way that art could express emotions and tell stories, just like his fursuit did. With the support of his furry friends, he began to share his art, and soon he gained a following of fans who loved his whimsical and colorful style.

Through his personality and fursuiting, Camstone learned to embrace his unique self and to celebrate the differences that make each of us special. He knew that he had found a lifelong place among the furries, and was grateful every day for the friends who had helped him discover his creative spirit.


Camstone in Business suit (V.1)