COVID - Ugh.

So, I ended up catching COVID last week returning from a cursed flight (United UA2667) on July 17th, 2023. The flight was cancelled, and I had to stay overnight at a local hotel. No biggie. But the return flight had me in seats that I got reassigned for, then they added cargo, then a pair of really overweight Germans were seated next to me. So I swapped out with their (really thin) daughter, and was seated in a middle seat next to an old woman who was coughing with some serious respiratory issues. Yeah, I wore a mask, but they didn't. Next thing I know I am in the ER with what I thought was strep throat, and it ends up I have a positive test for COVID-SARS-2. Ugh. Now at day 8 of isolation, after 4 days of steroids, I am feeling a lot better - but still required to take it easy. Had to take a week off from work, and on top of that - my daughter had some serious oral surgery. She lost 9 teeth, and had an 8 hour ordeal that also landed her back in the ER with breathing issues. She's better now, but did that suck. I was literally holding myself up against a wall while my legs were feeling like they were going to buckle. Anyway, I survived. Now I just have to re-motivate myself to want to work again... (ugh.)